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The Lost Civilizations of North America explores the fascinating world of ancient North America, and why the artifacts and evidences of ancient civilizations have been lost and largely ignored. Archaeologists, historians, anthropologists and other experts explore the development of theories of cultural evolution and how these theories influenced the doctrine of Manifest Destiny and Native American policies and encouraged the “wanton destruction” of many great ancient structures and earthworks. The film also explores the continuing controversy surrounding theories and findings of these ancient peoples.


Bird PipeLost Civilizations explores sites still existing, which show ample evidence of relatively advanced civilization, and describes the amazing knowledge of astronomy and mathematics which it took to build these structures. The film shows many of the artifacts that have survived, including ancient writing, copper tools and weapons, and other artifacts that reveal advanced achievements. Anthropologists and DNA scientists, who analyzed DNA samples from ancient remains, explain how their findings relate to living Native Americans.


Spear headThe Lost Civilization of North America is a powerful film that gives answers to the question of why we haven’t heard about the great civilizations that existed on the North American continent and why theories about their origins have passed out of place and time.


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